Welcome to Kyomachiya no Yado 794inn Kiyomizu-Gojo


Today there are 47,000 houses in the city that are called 'Machiya' in Kyoto city.
The history is old, and the word Machiya (shop) has already appeared in the literature at the time of construction of Heiankyo in 794 AD.
There is no other example of a country where the traditional houses that still exist still beyond the history of 1000 years.
History and culture overlapped in the traditional architectural style and still remains in the town of Kyoto.
I would like you to actually see and touch and feel Kyoto. And experience the things that you can’t do it on the internet.

”Why we call it 794inn”

It may be easy to notice, 794 is taken from the year 794 when Kyoto became the capital city.

And two things that the owner has noticed while traveling around the world.
“There’re quite a lot of people in the world that don’t speak English very well like Japanese people…”
“Numbers are used all over the world, and even people who don’t speak English or Japanese can write them down”

From this experience, when someone is lost it’s much more easier to ask someone for the place and find this place if we used numbers for our name. Numbers are worldwide and everyone knows.

“A Journey like living in Kyoto at a private Kyomachiya”

We lend a single house limited to one group per night.
Because there’s no reception, the staff won’t stay at the inn. You’ll meet the staff only on check-in.
That’s the reason you can stay at this inn as if you’re living in this house.
Subway and train are also within 5 minutes walking distance. The nearest bus stop is also 3 minutes on foot.
Convenient for sightseeing and business. Also it’s located very close to the city center for dining and places to enjoy yourself. Although it’s very close to the city center 794 inn Shimizu Gojo stands in a quiet residential area, so you can rest peacefully day and night.

“Back to when it was like 100 years ago”

The 794 inn Kiyomizu Gojo is a house that is over 100 years old.
One hundred years ago it was a liquor store of a merchant.
People who have lived in this house for generations along with the history of 100 years you can see traces of frequent remodeling and renovation that was done.
Also this house, was used as a residence until 2015. After officially becoming Kyomachiya 's hotel 794 inn Shimizu Gojo in 2016, we’ll improve our quality of comfort of the stay and remove the inconvenience as possible.
Currently, we are promoting exterior decor and interior renovation to gradually return to where we can return to what it should be like 100 years ago.
So, depending on the timing of your stay there may be inconvenience caused by construction and others.
When you come back to Kyoto, and every time you return to 794 inn, I hope you can feel the atmosphere and the deep history of 100 years in Kyoto.


You can see so many town houses by taking a stroll around this area. Surrounded by those town houses 794inn Shimizu Gojo is given a traditional style of Kyomachiya designed by a famous architect in Kyoto, and for your safety the front doors and windows have a crime prevention so you can stay at ease.

After a long day returning from sightseeing or business. We prepared a semi-double bed for each person so that you can relax yourself comfortably one by one.
We have Premium bonnes coil mattresses for the summer to stay cool in the summer, and warm duvets in winter.

Unlike any other city, Kyoto is surrounded by mountains on three sides, and Kamogawa River flows on the east and Katsuragawa River to the west.
Our bathrooms are made by imagining the beautiful natural environment of Kyoto.
We used “Hinoki” a tradition Japanese cinnamon to coordinate our bathroom.
Please enjoy the luxurious bath time to relax the tiredness of your day by the smell of “Hinoki” it will give you a relaxation effect.
Shampoo, conditioner, body soap are unified with a cosmetic brand from Japan.
We have plenty of travel amenities .

Considering hygiene
※ bathtub is not a Japanese cypress bath. Please acknowledge it beforehand ※

As for dining, we have a western style dining table and chairs so you can relax even you feel uncomfortable sitting in a Japanese style. We also have kitchen facilities to make simple dishes. You can buy some ingredients at the nearest supermarket and make your favorite dish.

We have a nice relaxing living room,with some maps and guide books of Kyoto in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French and Spanish.
It’s definitely a great place to plan your trip.

※ If you are more than 3 people, this will be the second bedroom. ※

Japanese Manga and Anime is popular worldwide.
When the weather is bad or when you’re not feeling well please relax at the inn.
We have in multi languages.

We sell kimonos and imitation swords.
How about for a souvenir?



1 or 2 persons
Weekdays 25000 yen per night
Sat / Day before holiday 30000 yen

3 to 5 persons
Weekdays 30000 yen per night
Sat / Day before holiday 35000 yen

※ Prices will vary depending on the season and busy season ※


free wifi
Complete air conditioning and heating equipment.

Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel or change your reservation please contact us 30 days before your stay.
We have to charge a cancellation fee if you cancel after that.

Cancellation fee
・ 30 days prior to the reservation date / cancellation is free
・ 29 days ~ 2 days before the reservation date / 50% of the amount
・ day before / 80% of the amount
・ On the day, no-shows, no contact / 100% of the amount

※ Please contact us as soon as possible for changes etc.


・ All rooms in the hotel are non-smoking. Moreover, outside the accommodation is a non-smoking area by the ordinance of Kyoto.Smoking should be done in the smoking area in the hotel.
・ The inn is a traditional Kyoto old-fashioned town house. It is adjacent to the next house. Please stay quiet especially at night times.
・ Do not use hair dryer and IH heater at the same outlet at the same time.
・ The voltage of the facility can not be cut off for multiple wiring adapters. Please do not use it.
・ When you go out, please turning off the air conditioner.



booking & contact us from here

※At the time of reservation reception, the reservation is not finalized.※



Access to 794inn kiyomizugojo


  • 075-741-7467
  • 239-2 Tawaraya cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture 600-8070
  • 794inn kiyomizugojo


  • 5 minutes on foot from Gojo Subway Station on Karasuma Subway
    7 minutes at Keihan Shimizu Gojo Station
    2 minutes on foot from Kyoto City Bus Gojo Takura

    There are many coin parking in the neighborhood and it is relatively vacant.
    It is up to 500 yen at night.

    ※Staff are not resident at this place because it is accommodation.※